The Charities Challenge

Pleasure from learning, physical activity and social contribution to all parts of our community


The Charities Challenge allows participation by members or service users of any charity, Community Group or incorporated organisation (for these purposes a “Charity / Community”), whether or not those members or service users are aged over 55. It can be used to address individual needs or to build a sense of community. It might even be used as a vehicle for fundraising.

Any Charity / Community may register for The Charities Challenge by submitting the relevant application form. That Charity / Community can then design its own challenge centred on the particular needs of its members or service users or of its community.

It will be down to each Charity / Community to operate its own challenge (which may even be bespoke for each individual) but the advantages of operating through The Challenge Hub are:

  1. Each member or service user is registered as an Associate Member of The Challenge Hub. They will therefore have access to the information and motivation which it generates. This may offer an additional sense of identity and of being part of something.
  2. For charities particularly, the terms of the challenge may (where appropriate) be bespoke for each individual and designed to raise self-esteem, at the same time giving objectives and purpose. For example, it may be designed to develop life skills, such as basic IT competence, which will allow connection to a wider world, friends or family so reducing loneliness and isolation. In any event it will bring learning of skills into a structure. Where helpful, it allows each member or service user to keep control by deciding on the characteristics of his / her own challenge according to his / her ability and inclination.
  3. On completion of the relevant challenge each registered individual will receive a certificate from The Challenge Hub as proper recognition of his / her achievement.

To Register

The process is as follows:

  1. Complete the Charity / Community Registration form including details of your Charity / Community and contact details
  2. Submit the form to The Challenge Hub (“TCH”). We may invite you to make a small donation for operating The Charities Challenge on your behalf but this would be voluntary and there is no charge.
  3. On acceptance of your registration TCH will add your Charity / Community name under “The Charities Challenge” area of the website. You will also be sent a link through which you can register members or service users as Associate Members.
  4. Use the link to register your relevant members or service users as Associate Members with TCH. You will also see a menu of the different Charities / Communities which have registered for The Charities Challenge. Click on your own Charity / Community. The relevant member or service user will then be registered with TCH and TCH will know that his / her relevant challenge is the one prepared by your Charity / Community.TCH’s formal relationship will be with you and not with the member or service user for whom you continue to be responsible.
  5. When your member or service user has completed his / her challenge then the evidence for that should be submitted to TCH by e-mail in the normal way. If submitted by the member or service user then the e-mail will be forwarded to your Charity / Community for confirmation that the challenge has been completed.
  6. If such confirmation is given or if the original e-mail submission is from your Charity / Community then the relevant Certificate will be dispatched to you for the member or service user.
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