The Charities Challenge

Pleasure from learning, physical activity and social contribution to all parts of our community


Are you a Charity, incorporated body or Community group? Then why not design your own challenge to achieve your own social outcomes and run it through us? Age is not relevant.

Why would you design a challenge?

Challenges are a wonderful way to bring people together for a shared objective, to build community, to develop identity or for personal self-development. Every person and every organisation needs a different challenge to bring out the best in them and our Charities Challenge concept allows for that while also being part of The Challenge Hub network.

Who might do it?

Community groups

You have come together for a purpose. So why not add a structure, perhaps add a learning, activity or social contribution dimension to it, perhaps publicise yourself on our website and then receive public recognition?

Why not form a Community group and run your own Charities Challenge? No Community group is too small. Even a family unit is fine. If you come together for a bike ride, for example, why not also learn as part of it, set a fundraising objective or see if you can help others?

Add to the fun! Add to the benefit!


Run your own challenge through us. Publicise yourself on our website. Here are some ideas:

  1. Do you have a lot of volunteers? How about a social contribution challenge of volunteering commitment to your organisation, a learning challenge around a volunteer development plan and a physical challenge organised by you as a fundraiser?
  2. Could you build community and pride for your service users by setting a common purpose? We would love to let you tell the world about it if you wished

One-to-one interventions

Whether for charities or others we believe passionately in the power of challenges which are specifically designed to build purpose, self esteem and motivation for a particular individual.

Let’s take examples: An elderly person might agree to the social contribution of serving meals in a day centre rather than to be served meals in a day centre. Another person with severe anxiety might agree to the physical challenge of walking in a public place. Small steps. Another person, however, might take on our All in One challenge and have an instant set of goals and structure for self-improvement.

Service users can keep absolute control over the goals which are set and over achieving them. The programme would be entirely focussed on “self”. There are no external barriers to achievement.

With sensitive monitoring, positive outcomes should always be possible at some level.

Consider the psychological benefits of accreditation by a recognised third party (The Challenge Hub). A certificate of congratulations is a small thing but marks an independently acknowledged moment of achievement.

It’s so simple. Just:

  1. Register with us and nominate a Co-ordinator
  2. Design your unique challenge to benefit your members, service users, volunteers or other stakeholders of any age (“Participants”)
  3. Register your Participants as Associate Members of The Challenge Hub to give them access to our site, its information, inspiration and encouragement
  4. Operate your Charities Challenge in-house and achieve your social objectives
  5. Promote your Charities Challenge on our website if you wish
  6. Notify us of achievement by relevant Participants
  7. We then issue a Charities Challenge certificate as proper external recognition of the Participant’s achievement.

To Register

The process is as follows:

  1. Complete and submit the simple Charity / Community Registration form.
  2. On acceptance of your registration we will add your Charity / Community name under “The Charities Challenge” area of the website. You will also receive a link through which you can register members or service users as Associate Members.
  3. You will see a menu of the different Charities / Communities which have registered for The Charities Challenge. Click on your own Charity / Community. The relevant member or service user will then be registered with us as an Associate Member. Our formal relationship will be with you and not with the Associate Member who stays as your responsibility.
  4. When your member or service user has completed his / her challenge then please just tell us by e-mail and we will send you a personalised Certificate for him/her.

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