Hello and a warm welcome to The Challenge Hub.

Are you over 55? Do you want a full and rewarding life and to stay active? Do you want to learn more about yourself and about the society we live in? Happy to help out? Up for an adventure? Then Membership of The Challenge Hub is for you.

People aged over 55 should lead their fullest life and have fun. In line with research we think that a full life includes getting pleasure from learning new things, taking physical exercise and making a social contribution.

So we give pathways to

  • multiple low cost and easily accessible learning opportunities
  • rewarding volunteer positions with organisations which recognise the value of people aged 55+ and
  • motivation and opportunity for physical adventure.

Are you someone who enjoys the structure of a challenge? For you we offer The All in One Challenge. This is a personal challenge – in which you choose what you do – operated through this website and involving some learning, physical activity and social contribution. Have a go and see where it takes you. You might surprise yourself.

You can share your experiences through “Hub Tales”, share information through “Community”, connect with other Members and up-load photographs of your achievements. That way you will inform, inspire and encourage others.

Whatever happens we shall always be here for you as a point of reference as you work out the positive lifestyle which you would like to lead.

Through our “Charities Challenge” we link with charities to extend our philosophy of pleasure from learning, physical activity and social contribution to all parts of our community and to people of all ages. For details please click on “Register” and then click on “Charities”.

All of this is for the benefit of our Members. Membership is free for individuals. So please do join us.

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