Our Programmes

We offer all that you see on this website but behind the scenes we are working on four separate initiatives designed to increase our social impact:

Bridge to Retirement

Research shows that losing the structure and routine of the workplace through retirement or redundancy can trigger a very difficult period of readjustment for many.  So we work with companies to suggest that their retiring or outgoing employees should first be registered with The Challenge Hub from where we will seek to inform, inspire and motivate.

We passionately believe that responsible employers should care about their retiring or outgoing workforce.

Please see our ‘Responsible Employers’ page for more details.

To see how important this issue can be, just have a look at this link to Centre for Ageing Better: https://www.ageing-better.org.uk/our-work/managing-major-life-changes

If you are an employer, we offer a very simple package to put this in place. Find out more.

If you are an employee, would your employer be willing to hear from us on this?

If so please contact us and we will make contact. Thank you.

Generations Together

We are asking providers of organised physical events positively to encourage older people to participate alongside the young. It’s a “win, win, win” initiative. Good for the organisers, good for charities who raise sponsorship monies and good for those aged over 55.

Through The Charities Challenge we also encourage programmes which bring together the energy and innovation of younger people with the learned experience of over-55s.

Do you organise events where you would like us to encourage older people to take part?  Are you involved with younger people who might benefit from engagement with over-55s? If so why not contact us.

The Charities Challenge™

By means of The Charities Challenge we extend the social benefit “reach” of The Challenge Hub. We work with charities, social or community groups – whether pre-existing or formed for the purpose – and other bodies to operate bespoke challenges suitable for their particular members or service-users (or for building a sense of community) under the generic name of ‘The Charities Challenge’. These are delivered by the relevant charity or group but operated through The Challenge Hub.

Are you a charity, social or community group or incorporated body? If so, why not consider running your own challenge through The Challenge Hub? Your members or service users for this initiative do not need to be aged over 55. To find out more click on “Register” and then “Charities / Community” Find out more.

Social Prescribing Support

Social prescription is an initiative whereby patients are referred by their GPs to Link Workers in preference to a medical prescription. Those Link Workers are trained to place the patient into situations which address the underlying causes of their condition. The Challenge Hub can assist (a) as a resource for those Link Workers and (b) as a support and motivator for the patients themselves.

Are you involved in delivering on social prescription? If you think we might be able to help you then contact us.

A One-Page Summary of The Challenge Hub

A one-page summary of the Challenge Hub project is available to download in an easy to print format.

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