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Volunteer Opportunities

We are very grateful to a small number of volunteers who are assisting in the running of this website. This includes everything from running our social media to uploading content, responding to messages and widening our connections.

We are appealing now for volunteers to join us as:

Voluntary Co-ordinators


This pandemic has dismantled huge numbers of friendship, social and community groups which form the very fabric of our Society and which give meaning and support to so many.

They need to be re-built and The Challenge Hub is able to play a part in that through our Charities Challenge, causing groups to form for a common purpose, endeavour or challenge.

The role

We are looking for Voluntary Co-ordinators of all ages and backgrounds who are willing to bring together or represent a community or social group and to register as its co-ordinator for a Charities Challenge. The challenges which these groups set themselves will hopefully address one or more of the many negative social consequences of the pandemic.

As a Voluntary Co-ordinator you would form part of The Challenge Hub’s growing team of volunteers which, together, are making a difference.

If you have a social conscience, are well-organised and are in a position to form or represent a community or social group then we would absolutely love to hear from you.

To express an interest please click on the “Volunteer” button below and provide details. Thank you.

From time to time, other volunteering opportunities with The Challenge Hub arise. If you would like to record your interest in possibly volunteering for us then please do click on the “Volunteer” button below or in Contact Us. Thank you.

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