Corporate Challenges

Corporate Challenges

An Introduction

We offer sub-sites – each integrated into this website – which can be customised by any organisation for their own charitable, commercial or social purposes. Any number of challenges can be added and certificates of achievement can be generated automatically from the platform.

We can support those challenges centrally if wished.

Challenge programmes are under-utilised in the workplace and could so easily be used for staff of all ages, volunteers or even customers whether for developing skills, building a sense of community, fundraising, increasing motivation, productivity or for staff retention.

Registration for any challenge brings automatic registration as a member of The Challenge Hub from where people are encouraged to lead full lives through learning, physical activity and social contribution – sharing their experiences to inform, encourage and inspire others.

We offer two off-the-peg challenges which clients can adopt or adapt being “Mental Wellbeing at Work” and “Live Longer Better” (for middle age).

There is an annual charge for each platform because of third party costs but – as a not-for-profit – we try to be flexible.

We believe that most organisations or communities could achieve significant positive outcomes from challenge(s) or programme(s) framed in this way.

Find out more

For more information please contact us.

Please note: The Challenge Hub does not control and so has no liability for the actions or decisions of anyone organising or participating in a Corporate Challenge.

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