Bridge to Retirement

We ask companies to show concern for the welfare of retiring or outgoing employees by registering them with The Challenge Hub under our “Bridge to Retirement” scheme.

Research shows that losing the structure and routine of the workplace through retirement or redundancy can trigger a very difficult period of readjustment for many.  So we work with companies to suggest that their retiring or outgoing employees should first be registered with The Challenge Hub from where we will seek to inform, inspire and motivate.

We passionately believe that responsible employers should care about their retiring or outgoing workforce.

To see how important this issue can be, just have a look at this link to Centre for Ageing Better:

If you are an employee, would your employer be willing to hear from us on this?

If so please contact us and we will make contact. Thank you.


A mass of evidence exists on how difficult many people find it to transition from the workplace into meaningful retirement. Even the most self-sufficient people find that leaving the disciplines and structures of the workplace is a major life transition.

Retirement requires planning and a determined sense of re-invention. Done badly people lose a sense of purpose, status and social context. The evidence shows that this in turn can lead in varying degrees to a sense of boredom, frustration, undervalue, low self-esteem and even irrelevance. That in turn may lead to introspection and from there to depression, health issues, matrimonial disharmony and other social ills.

That in turn leads to an increase in demand for the NHS and social services.


If those same people can be encouraged from the start of their retirement to lead healthy lives and to make a social contribution then not only do they require less support but they also become useful contributors to charities and to society more generally.

The Challenge Hub is specifically designed to provide that encouragement.

Its members are motivated towards simultaneously learning new things, taking physical exercise and making a social contribution. That philosophy is given coherence by The All in One – a challenge which calls for achievements in all three.

Whether or not taking part in the challenge, members of The Challenge Hub are shown clear pathways into:

(a) low cost and easily accessible learning opportunities (skills-based or otherwise)
(b) physical events which actively encourage participation by older people and
(c) volunteering opportunities which are rewarding.


The Challenge Hub operates a programme called “Bridge to Retirement”. It calls on all employers to recognise the difficulties which will be faced by their retiring employees and to play a small but vital part in their future wellbeing. We argue that this is both compassionate and socially responsible.

We simply ask that employers acquire from The Challenge Hub a third-party membership registration. There’s no cost but you may choose to make a voluntary contribution towards our costs if you wish.

The retiring employee will in his / her own time activate the pre-ordered membership registration. The Challenge Hub then takes over. Through automated e-mail drops and all our other motivational initiatives we will inspire, encourage and inform.

As an employer you will have done very little but you will have given so much.

Responsible Employers

In recognition of the social responsibility which you will have shown towards your outgoing employees we would like – with your permission – to record your name on our website. Others can then see the small but significant part which you will have played in addressing this important social issue.

Interested to know more? We would refer you to Centre for Ageing Better:

Register Company

Register your company with The Challenge Hub for recognition of your commitment to helping your employees.

Once approved you will be provided with access to a private page for easily registering multiple employees in future, and inclusion in the “Responsible Employer” section of our website.

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