Why join?

Do you want to stay active? Are you thinking about the next phase in your life? Are you up for something new? Happy to help? Then The Challenge Hub is for you.

We promote enjoyment and self-development by learning new things, taking exercise and helping others.

So we have brought together an information bank with links to:

  • low cost learning opportunities
  • rewarding volunteer positions
  • ideas and opportunities for physical activity.

We are passionate about positive living by over-55s. While young people have The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (some 270,000 join each year) there is no equivalent for over-55s. This is long overdue and so we have established – for those who like a structure – The All in One challenge (see below).

Membership of The Challenge Hub is for those aged 55+ but Associate Membership (linked to The Charities Challenge) is for people of any age without restriction. We are a not-for-profit organisation.

Learn more about our different challenges and benefits below.

This website belongs to its Members. Please do register. There’s no cost.

Our video:

Our Challenges:

We offer two challenges:

The All In One

A challenge for over-55s based on the three elements of learning, staying active and making a social contribution. DofE is all about youth. This is our version for the over-55s – an all-round structure and motivation for fun and self-development with its related health benefits.

The Charities Challenge™

To enable people of all ages to build a community – even of friends and family – around their own challenge, publicise through us and receive Certificates of achievement. Suitable also for care plans for service users with ultra-personal challenges and external accreditation.

Our Programmes

“Bridge to Retirement”

We encourage employers to offer firm foundations for productive and healthy retirement. Please visit our ‘Responsible Employers‘ page to find out more.

“Generations Together”

We ask events organisers to encourage participation by people of all ages. We encourage inter-generational communities through The Charities Challenge. Inter-generational contact is good for us all.

There’s so much more

Once registered you will have access to the members’ area of the website – ‘My Hub‘.

Hub Tales

See short stories by other members of their many and different learning, physical activity and volunteering experiences. Get ideas and be inspired. Add your own Hub Tale to inform and inspire others.

Members photo area

Share the moments which matter to you or which record your achievements. You will find our Members Photos site with an easy-to-use facility for uploading photos of your own experiences.

Just a Thought

Members can share absolutely any thought. If it’s suitable then we’ll “post” it on the “Just a Thought” page to inform, inspire or entertain other Members. Look out for this icon:

Share a Thought

Pages of ideas and information

Go to our information bank for multiple ideas and links for learning, physical or social contribution activities.

“What’s New?”

Updates, articles and information of general interest. Special features on Health and Wellbeing, Inclusive Activity (for those with disabilities) and Charities Challenge News.

The Rules of The All in One

Allowing you to tailor and structure your own personal challenge.

Connecting with others

We have a page on LinkedIn. We will soon be launching a private Facebook Group for our members.


Membership expires automatically after three years but is extended to ten years for those who complete The All in One within that time.

We are a not-for-profit organisation for the benefit of those who have registered with us. Registration brings no commitment of any sort and is free. There’s nothing to lose and lots you could gain. Please do join us.

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